'Pacific High' - A Jonathan Lennard Photo Story

Pacific High: A semipermanent, atmospheric, high-pressure system of the Pacific Ocean.

A beautiful trip out to sea with model Sera Mann of Freedom Models LA features many favorite Paper Machine pieces. A slightly overcast day creates the perfect epic backdrop when the sun shows through the clouds and we feel the full atmospheric effect of Pacific High! 

Photographer and director Jonathan Lennard has been the man behind the camera for a slew of iconic images featuring the likes of Christy Turlington, Julia Roberts, Kate Moss, Liv Tyler, Ling Tan, the list goes on. Jonathan's images have graced the covers of Paris' most influential fashion magazines and he is responsible for the Vanessa Paradis photoshoot that includes Johnny Depp's 'favorite' images of his former wife. 

j. len.png

HAIR & MAKEUP: Barbara Redman, States Mgt  

MODEL: Sera Mann, Freedom Models LA

PHOTOGRAPHER: Jonathan Lennard


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