LACMA - #culture

In a sea of imagery on the internet it seems often that we are all looking at the same things over and over again. In order to think 'outside the (proverbial) box' and get inspiration elsewhere we embarked on a day of creative feasting at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). We cherish the aspect of culture that inspires: we love the arts. @natashiamiyazaki wearing Paper Machine.

Chris Burden's Urban Light sculpture, composed of more than 220 restored cast-iron antique street lamps, elegantly marks the location.

The elegant chantilly lace babydoll dress, effortless chic. Perfect for a day at the museum, LACMA, Los Angeles, CA. @natashiamiyazaki wearing @papermachine_ 

The darling chantilly lace babydoll dress, effortless chic. Perfect for a day at the museum.


I am a huge fan of Guillermo's Movies. So this was a really dark but magical experience for me. His twisted perspective on the world has a grotesque but also captivating style unique to his touch. The attention to detail and creativity is truly inspiring, I'm immediately filled with the need to rush home and start a marathon of his greatest hits. This exhibition is not for the faint hearted but if you have a dark side or even the curiosity then check it out, you will not be disappointed. 

Among other things the LACMA also houses more than 150,000 works spanning the history of art from ancient times to the present. So don't hesitate, Get some culture in your life and be inspired. Plan your visit today....